Thursday, March 02, 2006

a good realtor

While not all realtors are bad, there are good ones. To sell a house be sure to chose an aggresive realtor. Star, my realtor, who sold my house, was a 'star'. While I was out, she came to my house (the outside) took pictures and had brochures ready when we sat down for the interview. She took the initiative, she hasn't even sign me up as a client. She suggested a price that knocked me off my rockers. I reiterate, when selling your house, be sure to interview a few realtors. The good ones will stand out, they'll be hungrier than the pack and more aggresive. It could mean the difference of tens of thousands of dollars. In my case about $45,000. I knew a friend who listed her house almost the same time I did. She had pity on a new realtor who hasn't made any sale yet and had her house priced too low. I estimate she lost at least $80,000. This makes a huge difference in your next purchase. With more money I went out and bought the house of my dreams. Today I live in an adorable little house pretty close to the Pacific Ocean. Today I am at peace. I travel to Europe every year and am continuing on my personal track to financial freedom. I have dreams of doing bigger things. How did I get here? How did I rise above the ashes? Stay in touch and come visit with me.

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