Sunday, March 05, 2006

financial literacy

I watched Robert Kiyosaki (Rich dad, poor dad) on public television last night. I like Robert Kiyosaki's insight. In life, we must do due diligence. We must be diligent in being well informed. This way we can make informed decisions. The more knowledge we have, the better are our decision making abilities. So many people have gone out and done great things (sometimes by trial and error) and have left wonderful written records. Jim Rohn said, we must read a book or read 2 books, better yet hav a library. We get ideas from reading. A good idea will get us on the right path. A few good ideas and we'll be prosperous. I own a few good books, many of them I have gone on to reread many times. Someone once said, a book is a present one can open again and again. I remember once I was spurned by a guy I liked, turned out he's gay. I went and reread David Bach's book 'Smart women get richer'. I remembered I felt much better. It healed my broken heart. I had no reason to waste precious time and energy on a love that will never be. There are more pressing matters in life like how to proceed on the way to financial freedom. I have read and reread many times the major works of Napoleon Hill. I like Robert Kiyosaki's series, 'Rich dad poor dad'. Even though I don't invest in real estate, I agree with his views about what an asset really is, an investment that puts money in your pocket. I agree with him on the importance of financial literacy and to start learning it while one is young. I also like Jim Rohn. Being a christian I have an extensive collection of bible commentaries. I like vintage William Barclay. He is the epitome of an educated man. Modern writing is too much fluff. We need to read older books like Ralph Waldo Emerson. Amazon.con and are excellent sources for older used books. I've found many out of print classics from these 2 book sellers. It's expensive to collect books but if one budget for it, one can amass a good collection. Mind you, one can reread all these books. Even used books are not cheap. Used books can be an expensive habit. I do without a lot of other things just so I can afford books.

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