Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Grass greener on other side? Not!

I'm in my backyard, under a mild wintery Southern California sun, preparing an entry for my blog. I have an old straw hat on and I'm sipping ice cold ginger ale. Mind you, its the first week of March and I'm dressed (in shorts) and behaving like it's summer time in the Rockies. Am I in Hawaii or in Mexico? No, I'm living in Southern California. Life doesn't get any better than this. I am living the life of my dreams, owning real estate near the Pacific Ocean and loving every minute of my life. Years ago I was determined to live the life of my dreams. I was determined not to be anvious of other people. I was determined to live in the moment- while at work, to put all of me to work, while with my family, to be all there for them and with them, not wishing to be with someone else or be somewhere else, while at home alone, to enjoy my own company. I was determined not to be encumbered with debt. Debt is the biggest lifestyle crimper. First do not incur new debt, next pay off existing debt. I am a strong believer in the age old advice, "use it up, wear it out or do without". There are many ways we can reduce our expenses. Lately on weekends I have resorted to taking the bus to and from errands, I don't drink Starbucks coffee or eat their scones. Instead I go to a generic doughnut shop for coffee and muffins. I used to cook elaborate meals but not anymore. I don't remember when I last shopped for clothes. I buy makeup at a drugstore (I work for a drugstore). I don't have cable, VCR or CD or DVD players. Every month after paying my mortgage, I send a cheque to my Charles Schwab brokerage account and every so often I buy some stocks. Every year (sometimes twice) I take a trip to Europe. I eat authentic French food in France, authentic Italian food in Italy. I don't what they serve at Donald Trump's wedding or at White House state dinners or at the Oscars' parties. For entertainment I read. I love travel essays. I write a lot too. I have scribblings on every subject on note pads all over the house. Lately I discovered blogging and this blog keeps me busy and occupied. In 7 days I shall be leaving for a 2 week vacation in Italy. It's a wonderful life. Make your life wonderful too.

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