Sunday, May 07, 2006

Around town 2

The learning Garden at Venice High School, Venice, California. It's across the street from where I live. I spent yesterday going around the neighborhood taking pictures. It's hard to believe that this is city living but we have pockets of rural scenes in this neighborhood. When I was looking for a place to relocate to, it was the little pockets of rural scenes like this that drew me to this neighborhood. The Learning Garden is a community garden and right now it's ablaze with color. I saw some teachers there yesterday and I asked if I could come in and take some pictures. She said, "help yourself". She and all who worked on the garden were pleased to show off their hard work. They were thrilled that I asked to come in to admire their handiwork. Next I went to another community plot and there were a number of older folks working on their plots. Some were going home with baskets full of fresh plucked produce and flowers. They smiled when they saw I had a camera. Everyone's happy. I walked to all these places. Imagine, they are all within walking distances from where I lived. It was free and I didn't use my car. I came home and downloaded these pictures into my PC from my camera and am now using them. What are you doing for fun?

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