Thursday, May 11, 2006

The holy spirit

This morning, as I was reading my bible, a thought came to me that was so enlightening. The Holy Spirit, at work in us, has greater impact than we can even understand, greater than our own experience of its work. We can't comprehend the extent of its impact. It is far more reaching than we can ever know. It is the Spirit of God Himself, in us. In creation God spoke and things came into existence. It is the same power in our lives. When we love God, when we acknowledge Him, when we desire Him, He comes in and inhabits us. As scripture says, "in Him we move and have our being". It is God at work in us, giving us the desire and fulfilling that desire. In the world we see the capriciousness of people. I meet a lot of people who has expressed all kinds of wishes from, "I'm going to change job one day", "I'm going to eat healthy"' "I'm going to save money", "I'm going to travel". How many actually put these plans into action? Our desire and willpower, at best, is very shallow. We have a million wishes but have no power to work them out. It is the Spirit of God that helps us to desire deeply and to empower us to make our dreams come true. We have a desire so deep that we do make concrete plans for its fulfillment. The Holy Spirit in us, draws to us the wherewithal to bring our dreams into fruition. This morning I looked at my life, at the things I have accomplished and at the things I still want to do and I marveled. I don't even understand the empowering of the Holy Spirit. I don't even comprehend the impact it has and is having in my life. I plan a trip and the next thing I know I'm on my way. I want to put money away and next thing there's a big pot in my bank account. I want to buy a house and next thing I'm signing escrow papers. I love the Lord so much and I love the life He has given me and I go on to honor Him by making my life into a masterpiece. I don't have wish washy dreams, I have solid desires and with the empowering of the Holy Spirit, I set out to make them come true. Our lives ought to be a living testament to God; a living witness so evident of the abiding presence of God. Someone said, " your action speaks so loud the I can't hear what you are saying".

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