Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My aunt, who lives in London, emailed me this photo. It must be at least 100 years old of my grandmother's family and she was about 20 at that time. She passed away at 94 some years ago. Though fade, you can still see the outlines of palm trees. It was an idyllic time in North Borneo where a lot of Chinese imigrants find themselves. I've been reading this old book about how the Chinese ended up all over the world. It's a fascinating account. There's a certain beauty in this picture. Alas my cousins are all half English and doesn't appreciate images like this. So my aunt have to share this with me even though I live half a world away. I'm in and out of London when I go to Europe, so I see her at least once a year. She's getting on in age like my own parents, so the time spent with all of them are really precious. I don't get to see much of London when I'm there because all my time is spent with my 2 aunts who live there. I'm running errands for one of them, going to Soho to buy Chinese groceries mostly. London Heathrow has become like LAX, very familiar places and I love airports. It means I'm either going somewhere or coming home, both of which I love to do.

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