Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The French and Italian Riviera

Last year I visited the Pyrenees and for months after I came home, I read everything I could find written about the Pyrenees. Since way back I had always wanted to travel the coast from Nice to Rome. In March this year, I actually went from Rome to Nice, spending a little time in a few places along the way. Right now and for the next few months, I'll be reading everything I can find written about the French and Italian Riviera. I know I still want to travel the coast from Nice to Rome, stopping in places I missed on my trip from Rome to Nice. Right now I'm reading Carolyn Mackenzie"s book, "Portraits of the Riviera". It's about a woman from New Zealand who moved to Italy to teach English and who bought an apartment in Ventimiglia, Italy. Ventimiglia is an Italian town near the French-Italian border. She documented the purchase and renovation of the apartment and how she amuses herself by exploring the environs of Ventimiglia, both in Italy and in France. It makes me nostalgic for both the French and Italian Riviera. These feelings will accompany me the rest of the year till I visit another place in the world. Next year I go to Sicily and I've already read, "A house in Sicily", "The Stone Boudoir" and many others. I hope to visit China also and there are books about people who spent extender periods in various places in China.

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