Thursday, May 11, 2006

england 1

I'm playing with old pictures. These wer taken 4 years ago in England, Stratford upon Avon, to be exact. This is Anne Hathaway's house and garden. She was Shakespeare's wife. Most of my pictures of England were taken of gardens, as England is known for her English gardens. On my first trip to London, only 7 years ago, my aunt took me to Kew garden. That was a marvelous place. Few people visit Kew garden these days. It is very accessible on the underground and is within walking distance from the underground station, I forgot which one. On the same trip my cousin took me and my aunt to Sissinghurst. It was raining the whole time we were there but still it was a lovely visit. I saw their famous white garden. I have heard about it and even before I saw it, I planted my own white garden. It was on the same London trip that I visited the Cotswolds. I remember taking pictures of English gardens through closed fences and open garden gates. It was a very simple and wonderful trip'y first trip to London.

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