Thursday, February 28, 2008

Italy, next trip

Last year I was on transit in Rome a few times, 4 times to be exact, I made 2 trips to Sicily and was on transit in Rome going to and leaving Sicily. So I've become really familiar with Fumucino airport. This trip I'll actually leave Fumucino airport to go to the city. We leave March 17, a Monday, it's cheaper to travel on a week day, there's 3 of us. We'll be staying near the central train station in Rome, just 4 blocks away, my 3rd trip to Rome. We won't be doing much in Rome, it'll just be a place to fly in and out of. We're going to Bologna and from there take a few day trips to Verona and Venice. I was on Trenitalia's website checking out train schedules. It's easier to go to Verona on a week day, there are more train services. We'll go to Venice on a Saturday, the train services does not diminish for Venice even on a week end. I can already see the throng of visitors we'll be bumping into.
I've spent Easter in France before, it wasn't very exciting. I hope Easter in Italy will be much more exciting. I just found out that I'll be there for San Guissepe's day, March 19. You know what that means? To me, it means eating the delicious 'fritelle' - a fried pastry filled with ricotta cheese. I had them in Agrigento, Sicily last year. They are delicious. Wow, what luck!
I bought our plane tickets in November, the prices actually dropped after I bought the tickets but British Airways wouldn't refund the difference. The hotel were booked online in December, so we've been ready to travel for months now.
We have work to do up to the last day before travel. I have to work to tutor my nieces right up to the day before we leave and we'll bring homework with us.

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