Sunday, February 10, 2008

The OC

What a gorgeous day it was yesterday. It was clear and one can see for miles into the distance. I was in the OC, Orange County, yesterday. I pulled off the 5 freeway at Harbor and saw the snow on the San Bernadino mountains in the distance and thought, wow, look at that. I had forgotten these views after living in Los Angeles the past 7 years. I have lived in the OC for 15 years before that and these were the same views I saw while living here. I stopped the car, almost in the middle of the street to take these pictures. Some guy on a bike was laughing at me, I can't help being a tourist now, from Los Angeles.
I had a few things to do in the OC, to visit the used book store and the antique shops in old towne Orange. I bought a few used books, I love that store. I saw an old iron bed in one of the antique shops, I like it, I have to measure my car to see if it'll fit, so I can buy it and bring it home.

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