Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Reasons to return to Paris

As if this is necessary but I'm bookmarking some places to see the next time I'm there which I hope will be real soon. I'll probably go alone and definitely not bringing anyone who has been there before. Don't want to be an unpaid tour guide again. There are lots of quaint and unknown places I want to visit. The March issue of National Geographic Traveller has some incredible suggestions. I'd love to visit the antique malls at Clignancourt. I haven't been to the Basilica St Dennis, the oldest church in Paris. I went to the website of the Hotel du Nord ( near Gare du Nord, at 65 euros a night, it's a great deal, kind of out of the way but at that price, it can't be beat!
I've been to Montmatre to see the Sacre-Coeur but near here is the Musee de la Vie Romantique- a museum dedicated to the lifestyle of the romantic writers, painters and poets, like George Sand.
Back to Paris, soon? Oui!

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