Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another tea room

 This is a gorgeous piece of batik. Wax is applied onto the fabric in a very intricate pattern, then the whole piece is dyed in indigo. The wax is washed off in hot water and where the wax was applied, the fabric remained undyed and hence it looked like this. This area is famous for this kind of batik fabric.
 Here on the second floor is a sort of musuem and an area is cordoned off for a tea room. There's this beautiful view of the canal. Here some old ladies sings acapela to requests of old Chinese folk songs. She taps on this wooden piece to accompany her as she sings.

Others are waiting for their turn as this gentleman client sits, drinking his tea and makes requests for songs. It was a tremendous feeling to see this old form of entertainment still exists in China.

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