Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Head pieces

Some Tibetans are farmers and eek out a living from the very little arable land in the Tibetan plateau. The rest are nomadic herders that drive their herds to the lonely grasslands. These nomads live in black tent made from yak hair and each family are miles and miles away from others. A few times a year they get together for some religious festivals, their new year is called 'losar'. In summer they may have singing, dancing and horse riding festivals on the grasslands. The whole population will come out and parade in their finery, their traditional raiment which is very ornate and fantastic. They would wear necklaces of huge coral beads, costumes that are whimsically trimmed and these ornamental pieces for their hair. Seeing them, you can tell, those objects on them must weigh a ton or close to it.

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