Monday, August 13, 2012

Streets of Suzhou

 This are 'chung', rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, usually filled with meat or other condiments and steamed.
While my party was visiting the myriad of Chinese garden and pagodas, I opted to dawdle along the back streets of Suzhou. To me, real life is much more interesting. I saw men playing Chinese chess. We don't see people hanging out playing board games in Los Angeles. If one is out of work, they usually stay out of sight or else every one is gainfully employed and working hard at their job. If we have a job, we are always filled with holy fear that we would lose it if we should only stop and chat for one moment. I'm a boss and I don't like to see my staff, chatting about anything other than about work. Everywhere in the world that I've visited, I see huge swaths of people, just whiling the time away in tea stalls, some are playing board games and it is totally acceptable. I work in a homeless area of Los Angeles and there are huge swaths of men and women, hanging out and chatting and whiling the time away. Such is life, to each his own.

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