Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The East is red

I guess its an exhibit to celebrate the role that Lanzhou played during the Cultural Revolution. Everyone is smiling in these pictures but it wasn't such a happy time. it was a misguided venture that caused massive suffering and starvation and all kinds of misery. At the final analysis, some Communist party officials were used as scape goats and either was expelled or killed. The Red army tore through the countryside and threw millions into prison and were tortured. Temples were desecrated and robbed. Monks and nuns did not escape the brunt of their brutality. Later farms were collectivised leading to decline in output and to massive starvation. One only need to pick up any history book to read the condemnation of those failed policies. They did admit that there were mistakes, found a few scapegoats and executed them. Today China allows a certain amount of capitalistic reforms but the politics is still in the hands of the Communist party. The government is still a Communist government. The East is still red!

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