Monday, August 06, 2012

Lanzhou museum

 These are old painted tiles, absolutely gorgeous.
 An ancient bronze statue. Back in the days the Chinese were already making beautiful bronze sculptures while the Europeans were living in caves.
 Of course these is the "hexi' corridor of the Silk road and remains of its existence are plentiful in and around Lanzhou.
 Ancient sutras on ancient paper. Didn't the Chinese invent paper?
 A copy of a mural from the nearby DunHuang caves. We were in DunHuang last year. Amazing place.
A model of how people were restoring the murals in DunHuang.
The Chinese people have the mistaken notion that museums are for school children. One does visit a museum as an adult. We talked with our taxi driver about going to the Lanzhou museum. We told him it was free to enter. Our driver in Urumqi last year said the same thing, 'museums are for the scholl children.' How sad. It is just like Americans who think that reading of books belong to High School. One does not need to be educated anymore after High School and that learning is over. How sad. One gets ideas from books. There must be a few books on faith and religion, personal finances, investing, retirement, travel, art, cooking, politics, the list could get longer. How can learning ever stop?

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