Friday, August 24, 2012

Weird stuff

 What the heck are these things? That was the first thought that came to my mind.
 It was only after I saw what this man was doing with it that I realised what it was. A scalp massager.
This guy was making weird shapes with caramel. He was pretty talented.
 Salt baked quail's eggs.
 I still don't know what part of what animal these are from.
 Chung.... steamed rice wrapped in bamboo leaves.
 These are critters that came out of the creek around the area and then dried and used for human consumption. Sometimes when one does not have anything to sell, they gather from the area around them and sell whatever they can find. We, in the West, have no clue about being dirt poor. We always have some form of government assistance to fall back on. In so many parts of the world, they either sink or swim. I come home each time more appreciative than ever.
Life and travel has been one huge classroom. I thank God that He has so blessed me with curiousity.

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