Monday, August 20, 2012

The new Suzhou

Its the same story all over China, huge and new high rise buildings. The huge population demands a lot of housing and other resources. China is all over the world buying up all kinds of natural resources just so everyone back home has access to a factory job, electricity, clean water and whatever else. It has done a marvelous job considering the African countries has the advantage of being colonised by a Western power but so many still lag behind in even providing clean water and some kind of sanitation. There are new freeways everywhere and it has the most ambitious rail building program than anywhere in the world. Years ago it was hard to get a train ticket but now in spite of the massive number of people that need to be moved everybody it is relatively easy. A friend just returned from India and while the rail service is still crowded, there are impressive bus services to everywhere. I'm glad, it makes for easier travel considering the little time I have. The world has changed and a lot.

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