Sunday, April 02, 2006


Vacations. My most favorite subject. I scrimp and save all year long just so I can afford at least one European trip a year. I just came back for a 2 and 1/2 week jaunt in Italy and France taking me to the south of Italy and the south of France. It's been an amzing and exhausting trip so full of new experiences of food, people and places. I met with locals and other fellow travelers and all are as inspiring as the other. I ate food that I've never had before or even food that I had before tasting so much better because of the simplicity and freshness. I love Europe. They take less for granted. They make do with what they have and that's really the epitome of fine european style. We pay a lot of money to imitate that lifestyle. Theit furniture is naturally old andchipped while we distress new furniture to make it look old. It's quite laughable. For a detailed description with pictures send $10 to Anne, 3782 Moore St, Los Angeles, Ca 90066. For this trip I probably spent $2,000, airfares and train and ferry included and had fun and experiences that far exceeds $2,000 worth. It's confidence building. This was my 10th trip tp Europe in 6 years. Do it yourself travel is very exhausting and not for everybody but if you are willing to take up the challenge you won't do it any other way. A caveat. Do it alone or with just one other person. Too many people traveling at different paces will ruin the fun.

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