Sunday, May 18, 2008

Anna Sophia (my avatar)

I wake up, got out from under the linen duvet, into the chill of the house, brrrrrr... when is it going to warm up, I ask. I walk to the kitchen and made some coffee. I feel cold even in my flannel jammies. I run back to the bedroom to get a robe. Now, that feels much better, much warmer. The coffee is ready, I pour out some into a cafe au lait bowl, opened the frigo, found some cream, I think to myself, I need to walk to the fromagerie later to get some more and maybe get some more of those incredible and creamy yogurt (I only have a small pot left, I love the way the French package their yogurt, in little glass jars). I am consuming so much yogurt, it's keeping me very regular. Maybe, I'll get some more fromae blanc. Mmmmm... what a life, living in a country that produces some of my most favorite things. I look out of the kitchen window while clasping the warm coffee bowl with both hands. I looked at the still frozen winter landscape of the backyard. There's a certain beauty to it. I think to myself, I need to get dressed, go out with my camera, capture the beauty of the moment and write a posting in my blog. My blog? I'm still posting on it after 3 years, still faithful to that old and dear friend, except now I have joined the expatriate community. I've become a member of the 'expatblog'.


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Thanks Annechung for calling into my blog...just wondering do you live in France or the USA...I have had lots of new people visit lately, it is hard to keep up..but I did read your last post and it mention the french so that is why I am unsure.

'A Tuscan view.....from Umbria' said...

Still posting after 3 years, brava, I hope I can do the same.

Annechung, I've really enjoyed visiting your blog. Pleased to meet you. - Amanda

annechung said...

Thanks Amanda
I live in the USA