Sunday, May 11, 2008


You know you're not in America anymore when you don't buy your pasta packed in boxes off of supermarket shelves. I've been all over Italy so many times, this is the first time I've seen a pasta shop. This is in Bologna. Throughout Italy, the pasta shapes varies a little. In the South, in the Puglia and Basilicata areas they eat a lot of Orrechiette, a little pasta shaped in the form of an ear, usually served with Rapini, very nice, I loved it. In Sicily, especially in Catania, we eat a lot of Spaghetti alla Norma, a pasta dish named for the opera 'Norma' written by native son, Bellini, it is really just pasta with eggplant. I've made it at home. I've made Orrechiette con rapini at home too, it is very easy. In Bologna, their dish is pasta Bolognese, the dish shown was the worse I've ever eaten, I make a better one, I should open a restaurant in Bologna.

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