Friday, May 16, 2008

a peek into the 'cupboard' of my life

I'm trying to redecorate but I'm so lazy. This coffee table was some one's discarded craft project. I bought it, paid $69.....10 years ago, thinking I'll finish it, well, it almost became my discarded craft project, it almost became firewood. Finally after 10 years I'm working to finish it.
Some years ago, I bought a spray can of KILZ, a quick drying sealer base for wood. So I sprayed the table with it. It didn't quite cover it, I had to look for paint, maybe go to Home Depot to buy some. I hate leaving the house. There must be some old paint around the house. As with all the houses I've bought, there are always cans of paint left behind. I went to the section of the garage where paint cans go to die, found some stuff, it was some interior paint, for drywall, I think. Not for wood, I don't think but I used it anyway. It didn't really work. I searched again and found some wood paint. Et Voila! Here is it, the finished product, not bad, not that good. It'll do for now.
There's a story behind this couch, a $20 purchase at a garage sale. It had these hideous chartreuse covers on it and the foam had all but disintegrated. I bought it thinking I'll work on it and save some money. It sat that way for 4 years till I got fed up. I took it to an upholsterer, paid $340 to have the foam replaced and new covers made. So the $20 couch ended up costing me $360, maybe I should have bought a new couch.
Not that I can't afford anything new. I have so much cash in the bank earning no money, its criminal. I don't like to spend money. Now what am I going to do with the old TV. I have till 2/2009 to decide what to do........


'A Tuscan view.....from Umbria' said...

Love the linens and the table, you have a great eye. Ciao Amanda

annechung said...

Thank you for the compliment