Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Time flies

My new favorite thing to eat, a piece of Almond Pound cake from Le Pain Quotidien in Santa Monica.
Vintage French linens

It's May already and I'm looking forward to Memorial day. Time flies, whether or not you're having fun. I watch the news on BBC just now, they showed pictures of the trash problem in Naples. The trash is still not being picked up. We were in Naples 2 years ago and they didn't have the trash problem when we were there. We had a great time, it very much like Palermo or Catania, unruly and haphazard. The food was great, I prefer the food in Southern Italy and Sicily. There are mom and pop restaurants every where that served great food. I miss it already. I have to contend with just working the next 4 months, it's been really busy, in fact, we won a sales contest, my staff got their bonus check. I have to wait 2 more weeks for mine. I wonder if it's enough to buy a new camera, a DSLR. Maybe not. I'm just musing and dreaming.....

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