Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's fun to travel in early Fall, the weather is still very warm but the abundance of fruits and nuts makes it so appealing. Here is the juice seller in Istanbul squeezing pomegrate juice. Pomegranates are everywhere. This was taken just outside Haghia Sophia. I still can't believe I've returned from there. The rest of the pictures are from Sirince just outside Selcuk near Ephesus. I love this time of the year. Even in my markets I see the gorgeous Autumn Royal grapes making its appearance, the beautiful dark purple color is so lovely and they're so sweet. I rejoice when I see them again. So also the orange persimmons, the great variety of apples not seen in supermarkets and the locally grown pears. The supermarket pears are so bland. It's fun to be abroad at this time too, to see world markets overflow with abundance.

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