Friday, November 19, 2010

Ephesus 2

 The Celsius library is by far one of antiquity's most impressive monument. There would have been another marble path that stretched from the arena (theater) to the library where thousands of parchments and papyri would have been kept. It showed the sophistication of the Ephesians. What happened to Ephesus? Earthquakes over the years has left Ephesus in ruins.

 From the library another marble path leads to the Temple of Hadrian and a smaller theater. It goes on and on and on a hot day like the day we were there, there were lots of people fainting from sunstroke. When you visit, bring your own water, be sure to be well hydrated. Wear a wide brim hat and walk slowly. Hang on to your group, it is so crowded, its easy to lose your group. Well, at this point, I don't where Sophie went and we would go our separate ways the rest of the day. We never caught up with each other. I went back to town to have lunch and waited but no sight of her. I went to Selcuk museum and waited, again no sight of her. I went back to our hostel and finally she arrived back. Apparently she was doing the same thing, she waited when she had lunch, she waited at the museum but our paths never crossed again till the evening.

It is a fascinating place. All the history is enough to give me goose bumps.
Talk about sunstroke, I would have the same incident in Cappadocia and it was scary knowing I'm in the middle of nowhere, there is no paramedic I can call. I just needed to get over it and recover, so I can haul myself out of there on my own. Be very on hot days especially when you are outside. Always have lots of water with you and some cool wipes would help too.

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