Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Downtown Selcuk

Dinner in Selcuk. We met this nice guy who told us where he worked so that evening we went over, it was a bar. We wanted to eat, we ordered, they got the food from somewhere, we don't know where, we ate and paid the bar. The food was really good.

 A lunch of pide, Turkish pizza. This was good too. I ate alone, I lost Sophie in Ephesus. We got separated and went our separate ways.

 I went inside the restaurant to pay and saw this man at the oven cooking pide and this guy putting some spice on his soup.

On the way back to the hostel, I met this group of kids who asked me to take their picture. I did and here it is. This place is so laidback and friendly, its amazing. One can really be lured to stay especially if one doesn't have much to go home too. When you go to Turkey, be sure you have a reason to go home. Before I left I drew up a list of reasons to go home. Because you could be so tempted to stay and stay...... the living is so easy. Many foreign women have been lured to stay to their ruination, they bring their fortunes or whatever little they have, use it up, lose their self esteem. Some remain in the country, getting by with very little, others return to their countries probably wiser.


Bazaar Bayar said...

"Many foreign women have been lured to stay to their ruination..."

And many of us have stayed and prospered! We have not all lost our self esteem, but perhaps have found it. I'm curious how you came to this dire set of observations, but I'm glad you liked our little town of Selcuk. Cheers!

adam said...

Hi Anne, I love Turkish food too. If you get the chance try Imam Bayaldi, stuffed eggplant, it's out of this world.