Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Market day in Selcuk

Markets are always a fun place no matter where in the world they are. Market day in Selcuk was no different. It was Saturday and our last few hours. We had a train to catch at noon for the airport at Izmir then a flight, 90 minutes long, from Izmir to Kayseri in Cappadocia. We walked to the market from our pansiyon. It was interesting, it looked like any market anywhere in the world, the only difference are the people. These are Turks but you could substitute them for Chinese and it would be a market in China, somewhere. The living is so easy, one is really tempted to stay. Our market here in my neighborhood is very pretty and pleasant but I have to rush through my shopping because I have work to do even on my day off from work. I have my writing to tend to and my research for my blog and for the book I'm currently writing. At home I do nothing but work. So I reserve my relaxing while I'm abroad. I reserve eating out while I'm abroad also. Even when I'm taking a trip I'm working, I'm taking pictures and collecting stories to write about. When will this insanity stop, I don't know.

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