Friday, November 05, 2010

Museum, continued...

The archaeological museum in Istanbul also boasts of a very impressive collection of sarcophagi. They say, you can't take it with you but they try. Everywhere we go to visit, what remains are the funerary pieces whether it be pyramids or sarcophagi. Even today the cost of funerals are prohibitive. Why? An ordinary funeral costs about US$5000 and most people can't afford it. I've known some who has to have a few fund raising efforts before they can finally bury their loved ones. How much does a cheap pine coffin costs? Pope John Paul was buried in a pine coffin and then laid to rest in the basement of St Peter Basilica with the rest of the other popes. One must visit the Cairo museum to see King Tut's burial things. They are so magnificent. I don't mind seeing them again. If I'm ever in Cairo again, I will return to the Cairo museum.

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