Thursday, April 13, 2006

books, books, books

Those who don't read will serve those who read.
I don't remember where I found these words. I should not only write down the quotation but also write down the source. I have notes everywhere just as I have books everywhere. I counted I have at least 700 books and the collection is growing. Reviewing my notes I have these written down, embolden, encourage, energize, comfort, Wow! Are these not powerful words? One book, besides the bible, is intrumental in changing my life dramatically. It motivated me to walk out of a marriage . I literally packed my bags and left and have never looked back however hard it was initially. That book is "The adventure of Living" by Paul Tournier. It's out of print but you can still find it in used book sources. I've owned 3 copies in my life and have 2 in my possession now. He said God is a God of adventure and it is only to man that He has given this instinct, not to the other animals. I began to question my own life, where is the adventure? Since then my quest in life is to seek the adventure of living and to continue living from one adventure to another.

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