Wednesday, April 19, 2006

creative licence

This is what books can do for you. This is what a book did for me. I bought a book on how to give myself creative licence and guess what I've been discovering the artist in me. I always have color pencils and drawing paper with me especially when I travel besides my camera. Jim Rohn said in his book, take pictures, take lots of pictures. I do. He also said, read a book, read 2 books, have a library. Get a good idea from a book, get a few good ideas. I say, do something, start saving, start dreaming. Mary Engelbreit said, if you don't start, how are you going to get there? When you read, when you start doing something, you will discover your passion. Rick Steves took his first trip to Europe right after High School and discovered his passion, 30 years later his travel business does M$20 a year. Sometimes I'm afraid to look at my bank statements, not lately, not that there is more money but I want to face the issue of money head on. If there is a problem I don't want to defer it. Who's going to solve it but me? The sooner I do the better. It's the same with my expenses, my budget and my credit card statements. Make the money, save the money, having a little bit more money will allow you more creative licence.

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