Wednesday, April 05, 2006


People read too many dull and trashy magazines and books. How do you find and use your inner power?
How do you prosper with such a poor diet of words? How do we find if all we read is about celebrities? How is Paris Hilton's daily escapades going to change your life? How are you going to make those glorious changes to your life? By reading. Someone once said, you are what you read. You are what your mind thinks about all the time. You need a good diet of words every day. This is more important than food and clothing. You need a diet of bible verses every day that can empower and embolden you. Without it, you'll be lost in this world of negativity. The word of God becomes a shield to protect you against negativity and becomes a weapon to rid your life of entrenched negativity. God then inhabits you to bring into your life the glorious fruits of your labor. You can than become a spiritual warrior.

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