Sunday, April 16, 2006

favorite books

Again in "The adventure of Living", Paul Tournier said, God is a God of adventure and man is made in the image of God. It is only to man and not to other animals that God has imparted this spirit of adventure. And for life to be meaningful, it must be lived in this same sense of adventure. It is only a life lived in the Holy Spirit; it is only a life "hid in Christ" that this sense of adventure is sustainable. Often with earthly adventures, we soon get bored. The adventure is not sustainable. With the Holy Spirit, it is "each morning, new mercies we see!" The Holy Spirit renews and refreshes. Emmett Fox said, "the Holy Spirit doesn't do anything twice". I used to travel with a mind to see the world's oldest monument. I didn't think I would have fun just seeing cute little pastel colored buildings perched up against rocky hillside. Little did I know I would become enamored with the Italian Riviera.

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