Wednesday, April 05, 2006

italian vacation

Here am I in Sorrento, Italy in March 2006. This is one of the results of hard work in saving and budgeting. Living a planned and deliberate life pays dividends that are so magnificent and sweet. The food was great. I've never tasted vegetables that were so wonderful. Carrots, tomatoes and lettuces tasted so sweet. They came straight from the fields nearby. Even a simple meal of Calamari Brace (grilled squid) tasted so wonderful. It was the first time I had Arancini. I found it at a road side stand in Naples. It's actually a Sicilian dish. All it is fried rice balls with stuffing in it usually a meat sauce stuffing. It cost around 1 euro. Two of them makes a meal. The sights were magnificent, the Sassi caves in Matera, the trulli villages of Alberobello and the Baroque churches of Lecce leaves one breathless. Not to mention the energetic hikes of the Cinque terre. We stayed in hostels wherever we can. For some reason we seem to think that as we age we should travel in greater style. I've read articles where the traveler stayed in hotels costing $200. Maybe they can because the magazine pays their expenses. To the rest of us who has to foot the bill ourselves, hostelling is the way to go especially with the shrinking value of the US dollar. For details on how to travel cheaply and how to live with more dash than cash, continue reading my blog.

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