Sunday, April 30, 2006


I've been ordering a lot of books from It's a used book outlet who has access to all the used books on the market. I'm surprised that the books I want to read are mostly out of print. I just received from them, Vincent Cronin's book, "The Golden Honeycomb". I've yet to find out why Sicily is referred to as the golden honeycomb. I'm really excited about reading this book and finding out more about Sicily. I'mm planning to go there in March 2007. I plan all my vacations a year ahead, usually reading as much as I can about the place so I can maximize my trip. I read that this is a timeless book, first edition was in 1954 and have had several editions since and is still consulted as a travel guide to Sicily. Wow! What a honor to have one's work outliving one's life. My best loved books are books like this. Maybe it's because they didn't have TV, they didn't spend most of their waking moments in front of the TV screen. I grew up at a time when we were so poor we didn't have TV. When I was a kid we had to amuse ourselves in other ways. I read most of the time and dreamed a lot. Growing up on the island of Borneo, I dreamt of far away places. Little did I knew then that I would eventually live in a far off land and also to travel to other far off lands, even lands associated with Homer.

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