Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Internet revolution

Things are not that hunky in the USA and we wonder how come we don't see any rallies. There are rallies in various parts of the nation. The teachers in Wisconsin left their classroom, called in sick (got doctors to write them fake notes) and went out to protest the Governor's budget. He wants them to pay more for their health and retirement benefits, not that much more. In times like these a lot of unemployed professionals (highly educated ones included) would like to be teachers and get whatever pay they can and whatever benefits. We have teachers like the ones in Wisconsin acting like thugs and they have the minds of our children. It's no wonder so many parents are choosing to home school their children. I know of an engineer who's been out of work for 2 years. The rest of us who still have jobs are working twice as much at the same pay, we are held hostage, either we work under these conditions or take a hike. We can't afford the time off to rally and that's why it's so peaceful in California. But one can be gauranteed that at every dinner table and at every family gathering, 'the winds of war' are rumbling. One needs to just sit at any dinner table across the USA and hear the anger and the frustration. We voted a lot of the bums out at last November's mid term election. We're just waiting for 2 more years to vote the rest out including you know who......
Indeed the Internet has a lot to do with this 'revolution'. Most of us have tuned out the main stream news sources and going on the Internet and especially on Youtube to get the news. Remember 'Pravda'? The Russian news source. It means 'the truth'. That's what our own main stream media has become. The government/media complex is alive and well.

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