Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Petersham Nurseries

It's not often that one visits a plant nursery like one would visit a museum. But Petersham is one those places that is like visiting a museum. It is so beautiful and it's not too far outside of Central London. A short hop on the underground and a short bus ride and you're there. It's perfectly fine to walk there from the underground station. It's a beautiful hike along the river Thames passing through some of the prettiest neighborhoods and it's so quintessentially rural England. This was what we did in the Fall of '09, took the underground there and the bus, asked to be dropped off near Petersham. We walked back to the station after we were done visiting. In fact the owners of Petersham asked that you don't drive there because of the environmental impact of too many cars in the area. The town of Richmond, at one time, wants to evict Petersham but they have the permission to stay temperary. Visiting London is made more fun because of the close proximity of Petersham. You should go.

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