Monday, February 21, 2011


 This was no Michelin starred restaurant. I love restaurants that has no menu. We'll be in Greece next month and we are looking forward to eating at restaurants with no set menu. I saw an article about food in Greece, the only thing they have is fried mullet. Here in Essaouira,Morocco, this restaurant had no menu. The only thing was the catch of the day, whatever it was. We had no clue. We saw a few people bringing what they caught and the cook lightly sprinkled some plain flour over it and fried up a batch at a time. We ate with our fingers. We threw the bones on the floor and the cats ate them up. Who needs foie gras or escargot? But I do miss jamon Iberico.
Mmmmmm that was a great lunch! Where are the cats? These will be given to them. Lets do lunch....again!

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