Friday, February 25, 2011

The water sellers of Morocco

 I've seen them in pictures. So when we spotted our first one in Casablanca, we had to take his picture. We paid him of course. In the olden days they do serve a function, sell water to thirsty people since this was the desert. Today they just wear the garb and get paid by tourists who wants to take their picture. He is not very authentic, he's supposed to have a chain of brass bowls around his neck to hold the water. In other words he's a fraud. We didn't know if we'll see another one so we took his picture. They have a similar water seller in Egypt and he was quite elusive. I saw one at Khan el Khalili and had to chase him and was only able to take a picture of him from the back. In Morocco, they are pretty ubiquitous, they are found hanging out all over Jemaa elfna in Marrakesh.
 a close up

Jemaa elfna in Marrakesh where it's at..... one can find anything and everything here. It's a very vibrant and exciting place, especially at night. This was dusk and the action is about to begin. People set up eating stalls and one can eat to one's delight all the food Morocco has to offer.

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