Sunday, August 22, 2010


I'm envious of blogs that get a lot of followers and comments. The few I get, to them, I'm deeply grateful. 'Sicilyscene' commented on my stunning pictures in previous posting on 'Camogli'. Thank you. To this I want to add, the places I visit must earn their keep also, they must be so photogenic. Camogli is one of them. It is so beautiful that one gets an incredible picture anywhere the camera is pointed. There are a few places like this in the world. You don't need to dig or stage anything, every corner is a stunning picture.
Yesterday we got together to fete a favorite niece, a sweet girl who's just finished her first year in college and today is winging her way to Tel Aviv, Israel, to get acquainted with her birth heritage. We were reminded of her toddler years, of her first few words, her shyness (extreme) as a little girl and to grow up into this amazing person. She's very aware of the challenges facing her generation, of the loss of traditional jobs. I encouraged her by reminding her that the opportunities are going to be there, albeit they will be different.

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