Sunday, August 08, 2010


In Dinan, I happened upon this store that sell all kinds of canned fish products. Unfortunately it wasn't opened. The surprising thing was none of the shops in Dinan was opened. It wasn't that early in the morning. Maybe they only open during the high tourist season. Maybe they don't have people to work in all these stores. The population seemed pretty sparse, the only people up and about were the English expatriates. It is amazing to see the huge variety of canned fish, there must be a lot of little canneries that produce their own canned fish. I was watching an episode of 'Spain, on the road again' where they went to a fancy restaurant and the waiter opened a can of sardines for them. Some of these canned sardines are very expensive. These are not ordinary sardines that you get in a regular supermarket, these are high end sardines.

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