Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Working at home (I wish)

I had to work in the sitting room during winter beacuse it was too cold to work in the garage. There is no heat in the garage but lately I've moved back to the garage.
I have lots of plans I'm executing. I don't know when they'll see the public or when the public will see them. In the meantime I just plod along and it is making me happy. At the conclusion of my last visit to my family doctor, he mentioned that in Bhutan, the King has a happiness quotient that people can find out what their's is. I told him, mine is 8 (out of 10). He was surprised, very few people are willing to admit that they have such a high quotient. After I left, I thought to myself, I don't want my quotient to be 9 or 10, then I will not have anything to work towards. 8 is perfect because I can still strive to raise it.

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