Monday, August 23, 2010

Dolce Acqua, Italy

This and a lot of other cute villages dot the area between France and Italy. We would get to see many but not all of them. One day we'll go back to see the rest. Dolce Acqua is an hour and a half away by bus from Ventimiglia. Ventimiglia is the last Italian town before the French border with Italy. No sooner have we arrived on the train from Camogli and having checked into our hotel, we were on a local bus bound for Dolce Acqua.. We didn't even stop for lunch but ate at a restaurant in Dolce Acqua, pasta with vongole (again), just can't get enough. The old and new town are separated by an old bridge. The old town is perched against the rocky cliffside and is so picturesque. It's become an artist community. We saw a few European tour buses there filled with European tourists. We had a great time visiting. It's only by planning your own trip that one is able to see little unknown villages.

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