Saturday, August 28, 2010

Provence - Biot

Colorful awnings, the weathered outdoor tables and chairs, the chalk board advertising the daily menu, the grey stone buildings and the colorful shutters all scream out 'Provence". This could be anywhere in Provence. One will always remember their visit to anywhere in Provence. No one forgets, in fact, memories like these are always called to mind. It's no different in my case, as the weather heats up in Southern California, I think of the hot summer days spent visiting Provence, France. I remember the lavender fields very well. I remember the color, the smell of lavender as the workers went through the field cutting the stalks. Someone wrote, she never visits Provence until she knows that the lavender are in full bloom. That will be at the middle to end of July. One would see lavender patches here and there, all over the Provencal countryside. It's an incredible sight to behold. Biot is a little artist community outside of Nice, accessible easily by the local bus.

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