Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer pudding

Summer is almost over. Have you made a summer pudding this year yet? It's so easy. There really is no recipe for it. I made a discovery while making this one, dip the bread, the outside, in the berry sauce, the side that faces outside. This way every part of the white bread is stained with the berry juice. You can use just one kind of berry, in this case, just blueberries or a mixture of berries or just red berries. Bring them to boil with some sugar, till the berries are mushy. Then slice your whie bread, remove the crust, dip into the berry sauce, line the bowl with the bread. You can line the bowl with plastic wrap first, so the pudding can flip onto a plate easily. Then place all the mushy berries into the bowl, cover with a layer of crustless bread and spread the remaining berry juice over it. Cover with plastic wrap, place a small saucer over the pudding and weigh it down with a heavy can. Keep in fridge for at least 12 hours, preferably overnight. Flip onto a plate and serve with pouring cream. Mmmmmmm delicious, can't wait for another reason to make it again before the summer is over.

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