Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Saorge, France

This is one of the sweetest places in the world. I don't even know how I got to visit it. I guess we were in Ventimiglia and was reading a pamphlet about the cute places we can visit up in the mountains outside of Ventimiglia, a place where cute villages dot along the railway line shared by both French and Italian railways. Some of the villages are French, some are Italian but they are all accessible from Nice on Franch rail and from Ventimiglia from Trenitalia. From the description Saorge looked like a fascinating place and it was. We had to walk 20 minutes from the railway station and we came upon this view of the village, perched on the rocky mountain side. What a pretty sight and what a sweet little place. There are still a lot of pretty litte places we didn't have time for. Maybe one day...... we'll go back and visit them all. As in life, one only have time for so many things, we have to pick and choose, maybe life will grant us a do over, maybe not..... whatever it is we must grab at it as it comes along.

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