Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We took the TGV train from Rennes that morning and in just 2 hours were in Paris. It took a while before we found our hotel. A lot of people don't care for independent travel because one gets lost all the time and it is frustrating. Most Americans prefer to go to 'safe' places like Hawaii or Mexico or the Carrbean where every move they make is catered for and nothing goes wrong. When you are on your own, you have to contend with late trains, being accosted by gipsies on trains, getting lost (a lot), not knowing the local language and the list goes on. Our hotel didn't have our reservation, not surprising they sold our room to a big group. This has happened before but the nice young man at the counter found us another room nearby, in a dive of a hotel, dingy but cheap at 60 euros compared to the one we would have had, 110 euros. I'm all for the saving of money. It was raining, April showers, of course. Paris was crowded as it always is. We didn't do anything since Sophie had the runs. I did intend to go to Montmatre but there probably isn't anything to see in the rain. I'm sure all the street artists would have packed up and stayed in drier digs. Anyway, we went to near the Tuileries to hang out. We waited in this very very long line to get into Angelina cafe. Why don't these people go to Laduree, maybe they all are like me who has been to Laduree and we are now all at Angelina's. Anyway we finally got a table and got seated, ordered our hot chocolate and a Mont Blanc, both of which has made Angelina an institution. I was too tired, I left my camera in the room, I didn't want that huge thing hanging from my neck anymore. So there were no pictures but I did find a couple of pictures of what a Mont Blanc is from a magazine that I have. It is actually chestnut paste. It's kind of very sweet but tasty.

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