Friday, December 31, 2010

An Anatolian man

It's hard to imagine that this harsh and unforgiving landscape would lend itself to be cultivated. That's why they need the pigeon poop but not anymore since the advent of chemical fertilisers. The water is collected in hidden cisterns in the rock from the spring rains and then channeled into the land to be used for the home, the crops and the animals. Here he has a donkey as a mean of transportation and some chickens. He lives here during the warmer months. It is too cold in winter, he'll move back to the village. Here he is selling us some of his dried fruit. We bought some from him, we liked the dried mulberries. Upon hearing that we were Americans, he wanted to give us a Koran in English. We told him it was too heavy, we didn't want it. We have no use for a Koran, we are Christians. Our Bibles are pretty well thumbed through. I've to replace a few in my lifetime. The book itself is not sacred, I just throw them out. It's just a book but it is the Word in it that has any meaning. We are to digest the Word and work it into our lives. We sat awhile to drink apple tea and to use the bathroom which he charged 0.50TL. It seemed so idyllic. I guess one can be easily tempted to stay and live here. Compared to our hard pressed and compacted life, this is so fine. But I'm all for carrying on and onward to another place.... always on the move.....and why not, that's where the money is....

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annechung said...

hi anne
i just discovered your blog socalgalopenwallet....well,there was no permission from UNESSCO to use this place as a waterstore. UNESCO had closed the church by a wall to keep it save. and somebody local thought: oh,how nice for a waterstore,and used it in that way. people dont care about UNESCO or whatever. its the same sad story everywhere in capadokia and other countries. you need a lot of knowledge and work to create art like this paintings- but to destroy it all is just one idiot enough.....and its never hard to find an idiot- all over the world.
greetings Bernd
Above is a correction from Bernd regarding what I posted about the water damage in one of the churches.Thanks, Bernd, I heard wrong, I thought you said Unesco allowed the church to be used as a cistern. Anne