Thursday, December 02, 2010

Buy no Christmas

I'm watching a rerun of Rick Steves' European Christmas on PBS as I write this. Christmas is my most favorite holiday and it is the most beautiful. I watch an English family putting up a live tree, stirring the figgy pudding and making the mince pies. I did my own shopping today at the local British grocery store, Christmas crackers, Fruit cake and a plum pudding. I used to make everything from scratch but not anymore, I don't have the time or the energy. I don't mind having Waitrose make my cake and whoever else make the pudding. I'll make the mince pies again. We've decided last year we wouldn't exchange presents but the kids will still get something. It's hard if at all possible not to buy anything made in China. I think I've been pretty successful where that is concerned. I've never contributed to Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Right now they're showing Christmas in London. Wow, it is so pretty. I remember spending Christmas in London 10 years ago with a side trip to Paris. I'd rather receive and give an experience rather than a present. I am the only one who knows what i want so most presents given to me are superfluous. A trip, an experience is the most quintessential gift of all.
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