Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Digital nomad

Just read some really good news. Norwegian air is going to offer $69 fares to Norway in 2017. I don't why 2017, can't wait that long. I've met people who flew Norwegian and they have no complaints. Just bring your food and snacks and pack lightly. I might fly them next summer. Anyway this last summer was the first time I brought my computer with me. It was heavy together with my camera and all its accoutrements. But it was fun. At the end of each day I was able to upload my pictures, post to this blog and my Facebook page and friends and family could follow me and know that I'm ok. Here am I in my hotel room in Oslo, Norway, eating stuff (dinner) I bought from the 7-eleven store downstairs. For some reason there are a lot of 7-eleven stores in Norway and Sweden. It was great because I could get some cheap food from there anytime.

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