Saturday, October 10, 2015


When we were small and growing up in the jungles of Borneo we had a few opportunities to forage. We hunt for wood ears, they're a kind of mushroom that grow on old tree trunks and mushrooms too. I remember the fern heads which we take home to sauté. Fern heads are so rare these days even in the forests of Europe. Foraging is a big thing in the Nordic countries because they have huge swath of uninhabited land and berries grow in such reckless abundance. They even import foreign labor every year just to help bring in the berries every year. There was not much in terms of foraging when I was there in summer, it wasn't the season. The only thing to look for were the wild strawberries. Once in a while I'd stumble on a few plants and a few fruits just to satisfy my need to forage. I'm always happy when I'm able to pick some wild thing to eat. The locals usually string these up with a straw. I forgot to do that. Maybe I'll go back next year to do it and that will complete the cycle for me.

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